Traffic Law

Speeding offence
can happen to anyone

But not everyone is inclined or equipped to deal with the processes and procedures to deal with a speeding infringement.

Despite best efforts and attention you might find yourself with a driving infringement.

We can assist you with the process and the daunting prospect of court

From general advice to let you deal with the issue yourself to full representation to present your circumstances in court in the best light, we are here to help..


DUI Charges need careful management

What’s YOUR story?

We deal with clients who would never conceive of being charged with Driving Under the Influence (DUI) but are suddently faced with how to deal with a charge.

We also represent clients who have seen a DUI charge before and need to act wisely to save their ability to drive.

Whatever your position we can advise you – either how you might deal with the charge yourself or to fully represent you in court to present your circumstances, case and traffic history in the best light.

DUI fines can be tough, and we understand adding the cost of legal representation can be daunting. We can help you balance against the very real cost and inconvenience of losing your license, or even a custodial sentence.