Commercial & Business law

Right at the heart of local business

It is our local businesses that keep our region vibrant relevant and busy.

Let us help you build your ideas or enterprise on sound legal footings.

Every enterprise is a part of the community and region it hopes to serve and grow with. Let our local expertise inform your commercial good sense.


Commercial contracts

From business and commercial property sale and purchase to all forms of commercial contracts, sub-contracting, service agreements and more.


Retail and Commercial  Lease Agreements

Experience to unpack the minute detail demanded by modern shopping complexes to formalising a simple handshake into something more durable and enforceable, and everything in-between, we can help.


General Contract law

Our rural community is famous for generating great business ideas and innovations. We can draw agreements, contract and whatever is needed to make your ideas grow. From agistment to partnership agreements, Deeds and beyond.