Wills, Estates & Powers of Attorney

Do you need a Will?

Everyone needs a carefully written Will. Even if your affairs are simple and you have no particular wishes to include, a Will gives those you leave behind what they need to settle your affairs in the most straightforward manner at a time when they may already be working hard to cope. Passing away is a subject people are generally motivated to overlook and ignore.

However, the only way you can ensure your Estate is distributed in accordance with your wishes is to have a valid will.

Over many years we have prepared wills ranging from the most simple to the most highly detailed and complex for persons of all ages and in all vocations and walks of life.


Estates, Probate, Executors & Beneficiaries

We advise and act for Executors to meet the demanding requirements and responsibilities involved in administration of an Estate. From simple affairs to Grant of Probate in Queensland, matters of intestacy (passing away without a valid Will) and Grant of Letters of Administration in Queensland.

A death is naturally difficult enough to deal and often leave loved ones and Executors little scope to deal with the exacting requirements of Estate administration. At Clarke & Turton Executors have easy access to the advice that allows them to make confident decisions.

We can act for you or assist you in the process of finalising an estate yourself.

We also provide advice and representation to beneficiaries to properly comprehend the process of Estate administration and proceed with confidence.


Enduring Power of Attorney

An ENDURING POWER OF ATTORNEY (‘EPA’) is a powerful document which allows someone to act in your affairs with the same authority as if it was you making the decisions.

This is a vital ability if you lose capacity, but the document must be completed before you lose capacity. An EPA is also useful if you are away – allowing your Attorney to deal with affairs at home even though you are prefectly well – just not available.

Did you know:
 – you can name different people to act in your financial and your health affairs?
– there are limits on the decisions your Attorney can make regarding your health?
– you can name a number of people to act individually, as a group or in order?
– you can stipulate the circumstances under which your EPA is activated?

We can help you understand how to structure an EPA to make the most of the many options to suit your needs.

It is critical you understand how your EPA works and are confident with who and how your Attorneys are named. This is clearly a time to get professional advice to ensure your wishes are properly reflected in the document.


Advanced Health Directive

An ADVANCED HEALTH DIRECTIVE (‘AHD’) clearly states your decisions regarding advanced health care questions – such as resuscitation and critical health decisions beyond the scope of a regular Enduring Power of Attorney.

The first partf of your AHD is prepared with your doctor, then it is finalised with your lawyer.

Let us help you state your preferences about advanced health care clearly, so your family and carers can assist you confidently knowing they are following your wishes.


General Power of Attorney

A GENERAL POWER OF ATTORNEY (‘POA’) can be drawn to allow someone to act for you as Attorney in a specific matter or scope of affairs, as defined by the document. A time period can also be stated.

You may wish to appoint someone to act for you only in a specific property or business transaction, or give them authority to act for you in business or farm matters for a specific period while you are traveling or otherwise unavailable.

We can help you define a document that meets your exact requirements.